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Sail to Las Animas Beach located at the South Coast of Puerto Vallarta, Playa Las Animas with your family and friends. This beautiful 2-mile long stretch of beach is perfect for sunbathing, frolicking in the golden sand, and communing with nature. Surrounded by lush palm trees, this tropical island gives you the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in favor of a tranquil and relaxing environment.

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The calm, blue waters of the protective cove are home to reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish and other amazing marine life which makes it perfect for snorkeling. You’ll find all kinds of fish darting about the stunning Gorgonians (sea fans) and sea anemones like the famous orange and white clownfish. Find yourself up close and personal with graceful angelfish that come in different shapes and sizes. These flat, disc-like fish like to play hide and seek as they slip to and fro the rocky reef crevices. These waters are also a playground to damselfish which come in various colors. Don’t be surprised if damsels come nipping at you because they are highly territorial and would zealously protect their home. Pufferfish, also called blowfish are also prolific in these waters which are famous for their ability to “inflate” several times their normal size to make them virtually inedible to predators. Another interesting fish that you can see in Las Animas is the cornetfish which appears like a gliding long pencil that is sharpened at both ends. This silver blade-shaped fish may look odd but it’s very witty when it comes to hiding from its foes. It can hide behind other fish with bigger bodies or swim vertically among plants to pass as one.

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Las Animas Adventure Park

If you want to try something new and thrilling, the Las Animas Adventure Park might just be what you’re looking for! Designed for the young and the young-at-heart, this adventure park has many fun obstacles that are bound to challenge your ability to climb, swing, jump, and maintain your balance. This ecological adventure park in front of the Sea in Puerto Vallarta is ideal for seven years old and above. The activities are set in a natural, controlled and safe environment where individuals are connected to the safety line with two carabiners throughout the whole activity. There is a mandatory pre-activity training and people who have heart and/or back problems and recently had surgery are restricted from joining the activities for safety purposes.

The whole family can have a blast at this action-filled Adventure Park Canopy which includes an array of adrenaline-pumping activities starting with Zip-Lines. The best way to enjoy this activity is to abandon your fear of heights and imagine yourself flying like a superhero through the picturesque Las Animas Beach. Feel the soothing cool air blowing against your face and body as you ride the zip-lines.

source: http://www.adventureparkpv.com/
source: http://www.adventureparkpv.com/

Another exciting way of enjoying the breathtaking view from the top is by navigating your way through the park’s Hanging Bridge and the “Monkey” Bridge. Experience a sense of tranquility as you walk along the canopy where you can appreciate the lush forest of giant ficus trees and “Papelillos”. Keep your eyes open for beautiful birds and other wildlife that you might spot along the way.

Let your imagination run wild and think of yourself as a giant spider as you find yourself entwined in The Spiderweb and journey through the park’s other exciting aerial routes like Via Ferrata, Balancing Beams and Wood Beams.

It’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothes, put on insect repellent (body spray, lotion or stickers), and carry some cash for photos and other souvenirs.

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After a fun and challenging canopy adventure, you can try the local delicacies such as “Pescado embarazado” which is made of either fish or shrimp marinated in lime over coals then served with Huichol salsa. You can also try the “Birria”, a dish made of goat or lamb meat boiled in spicy sauce. This local favorite is served with lime, onions and tortillas. If you love fruits, you can sample some of the island’s fresh produce like mangoes, papaya, bananas, and coconuts.

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