Commune with nature at Colomitos Beach

When vacation comes to mind, most people think of going to the beach to relax and unwind. There’s something about the smell of the ocean breeze and the sound of the ebb and flow of the water that makes you feel calm inside. The beach is the perfect getaway where you can take a break from the worries and stress that burden you.

The beach can also lose the aura of serenity if there are too many people. Don’t you think that it’s more soothing to the senses to escape to a quiet beach away from the usual crowd? If you’re looking for a nice, small beach with a tranquil ambiance, Colomitos Beach is an ideal match for you.

Because of its beauty, this hidden beach is one of the itineraries prominently featured by Puerto Vallarta tour operators. Colomitos Beach can be easily reached by sea on a yacht charter or by going on a 30-45 minute hike from Boca de Tomatlán.


Lush tropical environment

This small beach offers about 100 feet of golden sand where you can sunbathe and embrace the peaceful atmosphere.

If you feel like exploring, you can go hiking to appreciate its beautiful landscapes and commune with nature. During your stroll, you might encounter an array of exotic wildlife starting with iguanas that are often seen basking in the warm sunlight. There’s also a chance to see armadillos, the only living mammals that have little armored shell-like body covering. This small beach is also home to playful raccoons, skunks and foxes. If you look above, you might spot different migratory birds patrolling the skies or nesting quietly on the rocks. Surrounded by flowering plants, the beach also draws the attention of a symphony of fluttering butterflies which is a sight to behold.

There is also a delightful little creek that leads up to a small waterfall which is a perfect spot for a photo op so don’t forget to bring your camera.

Marine creature encounters

This hidden gem is noted for its stunning turquoise waters which are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  When you make your way beneath the waves, you will be greeted by multicolored fish and other beautiful marine life.

The sheltered cove of Colomitos is a haven for different species of Angelfish that come in bright colors and lovely patterns. These sociable ocean dwellers thrive in these warm waters and it is always a pleasure watching them swim with a carefree elegance.

source: scuba.comYou might also come across the gorgeous Parrot Fish which gets its name due to the resemblance of its mouth to that of a parrot’s beak. You might find it interesting that a male Parrot Fish usually has a harem of female Parrot Fish but if the male dies, one of the females fills in the vacated role. The female will actually change gender and transform into a “super male”. Isn’t it fascinating how nature works sometimes?


source: Youtube screencapThe pufferfish, famous for its “inflatability” ability to escape predators is also a common sighting in these waters. It uses its highly elastic stomach to ingest huge amounts of water to turn into a big ball making it virtually inedible. If you see this amazing fish while snorkeling, please observe without putting unwarranted pressure on it to transform into a ball. If you’ve seen a video of a snorkeler scaring a poor pufferfish intentionally so that it could blow up several times its normal size, please don’t follow this cruel act. It’s wrong to deliberately frighten this type of fish to see it inflate into defense mode because it puts extreme stress on the creature.

source: from colorful fish, you may also spot moray eels while snorkeling in Colomitos. Moray eels are known for their wide eyes and gaping mouths that’s why it’s quite funny how some say that they look like they just told a joke and they are waiting for a reaction.

Keep your eyes open for spotted eagle rays which are easily distinguishable by their spots and other markings. These coastal swimmers are known as foraging predators which eat a variety of invertebrates and fish.

The waters of Colomitos also have many interesting small creatures like colorful starfish and cute seahorses swimming upright or clinging on a plant.

Go ahead and take a break from your fast-paced life and enjoy a laid-back getaway at this hidden gem at the south of Puerto Vallarta.

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