This tour includes:

Snacks (fresh fruits, cold cuts, totopos con guacamole)
Beverages (ice cold bottled water, beer, soda)
Snorkeling and fishing equipment
Passenger insurance
Nautical Tourism permit
Captain and crew

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching

Duration: 4 hours

Capacity: 8 guests per trip
Departure times: 9AM, 10AM, 2PM, 3PM

Duration: 6 hours

Capacity: 8 guests per trip
Departure times: 9AM, 10AM, 2PM, 3PM

Duration: 8 hours

Capacity: 8 guests per trip
Departure times: 9AM, 10AM

The Bay of Banderas (Bahia de Banderas) is a 100-kilometer stretch of beach on the west coast of Mexico that is situated at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It runs north from Puerto Vallarta towards Punta de Mita and south to the headland at Cape Corrientes. This bay region comprises sandy beaches, old-fashioned cities and villages, and areas rich in wildlife.

Every year, a large number of humpback whales make their way to these inviting warm waters to give birth to their offspring. They arrive around mid to late October and extends until the end of March before heading back to their feeding grounds in the north. Humpback whales are not the biggest whales but they are still massive creatures that can grow up to 60 feet long and weigh an astounding 40 tons. Like most whales, female humpbacks are larger than their male counterparts. These giant ocean dwellers are known for their melodic and haunting songs that spread across the currents. These giants also have a knack for breaching the water with their spectacular display of acrobatic skills.

Banderas Bay is also a breeding spot for dolphins so there’s a chance to see bottlenose, spotted, and dusky dolphins swimming near Puerto Vallarta. These playful creatures love tagging alongside sailboats and if you’re lucky, you might come across a friendly group that will dazzle you with their aerial antics. These waters are also a natural habitat for sea turtles, manta rays and sports fish like sea bass, snapper, blue marlin, black marlin, and sailfish.

Relax onboard and enjoy the panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta as we venture along the breeding grounds of these majestic creatures. Our Whale Watching tour is perfect for the whole family including kids and group of friends looking for a unique water adventure. Take snapshots of whales and other incredible wildlife and bring home precious memories of this rare privilege that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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